When booking an installation for an event with Sunshine Balloons, the following document serves as a reference to Sunshine Balloons and the Terms & Conditions. Sunshine Balloons highly recommends that all installations are scheduled 14 days before the event date. However, we will accept installation dates three days before your event date (if available). If your installation has an invoiced for $650 or more, it is mandatory to book 30 days before the installation date. Your event is not officially booked, with the date reserved for your installation, until the entire balance of the retainer fee and the Terms & Conditions are received by Sunshine Balloons. There will be a due date for payments on both the retainer fee and the final payment before the date of installation, if applicable. For smaller items (Balloon Hugs, Stuffed Balloons, Teddy Bear arrangements) please contact Sunshine Balloons.

Retainer Fee

A retainer fee of 50% of the total billed, will be required to reserve any date(s). If the amount is not determined at the time the Terms & Conditions are received, the Client will be required to pay a retainer fee of $100.00. After the balance of the installation is determined, the Client understands they are responsible for paying the remaining balance of the retainer fee, if the total balance billed equals a balance higher than that of the $100 payment already made. The Client will have 5 days to pay the remaining balance for the retainer fee. If the total balanced billed is less than $100, the order will be considered paid in full, and any credit on the account will be refunded to the Client. If the Client wishes to not utilize the services of Sunshine Balloons, any payments made towards the retainer fee are forfeited and considered non-refundable.

Payments Made

Payments can be made via Debit, Credit, Cash, Zelle, Venmo, or Cash App. We also accept Crypto-Currency (BTC, BNB, ETH, SFM) Failure to make the required payment by the given due date may result in any/all of the following:

•Invalidation and removal of any applicable discounts, special promotions, or complimentary services.

•The forfeiture of any payments already made.

•The release of event date and time.

•Termination of the contract.


Sunshine Balloons is an event company specializing in balloon decor installations. Anyone retaining services via Sunshine Balloons will be required to pay a retainer fee based on the size, detail, and value of the installation. This payment is expected to be paid in full before any services are rendered to the Client. No refunds are given for any payments towards the retainer fee, even if the retainer fee is not paid in full. No refunds are given for any payments made towards the remaining balance of the installation order regardless of the situation. We understand situations arise that will either require the Client to cancel or reschedule their event and although we are empathetic to those situations, we are unable to refund any payments made. When we accept an order, we begin working immediately on selecting the best design and decor needed to accomplish our goal, a perfect installation for your event. The retainer fee retains Sunshine Balloons or your installation, and the remaining balance is used to order any materials, and supplies, as well as cover any labor, traveling expenses, etc. If written notification is received by Sunshine Balloons and the cancellations/rescheduling guidelines are followed, we can reschedule the installation. Failure to inform Sunshine Balloons by the required time for the cancellation/rescheduling of an installation may result in any/all of the following:

• The forfeiture of any payments already made

• The release of the event date and time

• Termination of the contract

• Cancellation fees


The Client has the freedom to reschedule the installation with a written 7 (seven) day notice. The Client may reschedule for any date within the next 365 calendar days, at the convenience of Sunshine Balloons, without being charged a cancellation fee. The rescheduled date is subject to availability. If we are unavailable, the below cancellation policies and fees will apply. We suggest that if the Client needs to reschedule, they include the preferred date to reschedule as well as a second choice if the first choice is unavailable.


The Client has the freedom to cancel at any time without receiving a cancellation fee, so Sunshine Balloons receives written notice within 7 days. If written notice is not received by Sunshine Balloons within 7 days of the scheduled installation, the Client will assume a $100 cancellation fee. Please be aware, that all payments made towards any of the following, including but not limited to; retainer fee, materials, supplies, labor, etc. will be forfeited and considered non-refundable.

Reductions & Changes

Removing or adding decor to an installation cannot be done after the Terms & Conditions have been signed. A separate order may be placed for any additions the Client wishes to have for the event, however, it is at the sole discretion of the Creative Director, whether that order is accepted or declined. If the new order is accepted, it will be subject to the entire Terms & Conditions, as stated in this agreement. This includes 50% of the total balance of the order as a retainer fee.


It is the Client’s sole responsibility to confirm if the venue allows; helium tanks, helium balloons, tall structures, wall hangings, tall ladders, etc. before any payment is made to Sunshine Balloons. If the Client fails to confirm the venue’s rules for balloons, helium tanks/balloons, wall hangings, tall ladders, etc. before making any payment(s), said payment(s) will be forfeited and considered non-refundable.

Venue Access

It is the Client’s responsibility to make arrangements for Sunshine Balloons to gain/maintain access to the venue. The Client is also responsible for obtaining any permits, access passes, gate/room access cards, and wristbands for the entire staff, as well as notifying Sunshine Balloons of any room changes within the venue, if applicable, within at least 24 hours’ notice. Access arrangements apply to access before the event for installation, as well as access to strike, if applicable, or breakdown of any props, designs, equipment, etc. If props/designs/equipment is transported by the Client, the Client may return said items to Sunshine Balloons the following day.

Personal Residence

If the location of the event is in a personal residence, the above installation times still apply. The access requirements are still applicable regarding allowing Sunshine Balloons and its Creative Director and teams access to make the installation. The Client understands that installations are done using an array of options including but not limited to command strips, removable wall mounts, etc. If there is a preference in the method of installation, please inform your Creative Director when signing the Terms & Conditions as it will need to be documented in the invoice.

Event Details

The Client is responsible for seeing that the venue has the name of the Creative Director’s name and contact number on file for two reasons; 1) The Creative Director needs to have a point of contact at the venue in the event a change has occurred on our end, we have a way to relay that info, possibly find a resolution if applicable. 2) In the event the point of contact at the venue needs to reach the Creative Director to inform Sunshine Balloons of a change, it makes the communication process easier. This also allows for the Client to not be inconvenienced on the day of installation as well.


The Creative Director overseeing the installation should receive any permits, access passes, gate/room access cards, wrist bands, etc., 24 hours before the date of installation to ensure access to the venue. If access is denied at any time, for any reason, including failure or lack of communication, it will result in items not being installed punctually or adequately, and possibly not at all. If this occurs, the Client agrees that IC will not be held liable.

• All installations require a minimum of 2 - 3 (two-three) hours for orders totaling $150-$450.

• All installations require a minimum of 3 - 4 (three-four) hours for orders of $451-$650.

• All installations require a minimum of 4+ (four and more) hours for orders $651+.

If any orders are of intricate detail, large capacity, or for any other reason that requires more than 4 hours for installations, they will be documented and adhered to, to receive a quality installation. Please see the pricing for delivery and installation fees.


• After an event, the Client is responsible for disassembling and returning all equipment and property of Sunshine Balloons, as well as properly disposing of the remaining balloons.

• Sunshine Balloons can disassemble an installation if desired by the Client. In this case, a disassembly fee will be added to the total order during the booking stage.

• If the Client chooses to disassemble the set themselves after a disassembly fee has already been paid, that payment will be forfeited and considered non-refundable.

Ownership of Equipment & Materials

All equipment, materials, and props used for the installation, are the sole property of Sunshine Balloons and are used on a rental basis only.

• The Client is responsible for access to retrieve said equipment, materials, and props after the event.

• Signing the Terms & Conditions makes the Client solely responsible for the equipment, during and after the event, until surrendered back to Sunshine Balloons.

• Failure to do so, will result in the Client accepting sole responsibility for the property of Sunshine Balloons and agreeing to have the card on file charged or be sent an invoice and agrees to pay it.

• Any damage or vandalism that occurs to any of the property of Sunshine Balloons during the event, including any damage or vandalism that occurs due to the Client’s guests, will result in the Client accepting sole responsibility for the property of Sunshine Balloons and agrees to have the card on file charged or be sent an invoice and agrees to pay it. This includes but is not limited to misuse, theft, or disasters (fire, flood, earthquake).

Balloon Float Time

Your balloon decor will be designed around the specifications of your event.

• Latex balloons have an approximate float/inflation time of 8 hours.

• Mylar/Foil balloons have an approximate float/inflation time of 3 days.

• many variables can affect the float time of your balloon decor including but not limited to weather, rain, wind, and extreme heat.

• Please be aware of this if you are reserving a date for an outdoor installation.

Balloon Releases

Although balloon releases are intended to remember someone lost, support a cause, show respect for someone or something, and much more, Sunshine Balloons does not participate in balloon releases of any kind, regardless of the number of balloons requested. Sunshine Balloons will not fill orders for anyone intending on releasing the balloons. Releasing balloons is detrimental to our environment in many ways. Balloons float hundreds, if not thousands of miles and when they land, they run a chance of landing in the ocean, in areas where livestock could accidentally eat them, or anywhere else as litter. We do not support, do not fill orders for, and advise against participating in any balloon releases.

Outdoor Events


• By signing the Terms & Conditions, the Client acknowledges that some balloon decor may be affected by temperature and humidity, something that Sunshine Balloons cannot be held liable for. Sunshine Balloons will not be held liable for the reaction of any balloon decor to the weather or uncontrollable acts of nature including but not limited to rain, wind, or extreme heat. Sunshine Balloons NEVER guarantee perfect results for any installation done outdoors or in these uncontrollable situations.

• In the event there is a situation that prevents the Creative Director from installing the balloon decor in the original location at a venue, the Creative Director can move the balloon decor to that location (still on-site at the original address) and attempt to complete the installation.

• It is the Client’s sole responsibility to have an alternate location available and ready in the event the original location is not able to be utilized. Failure to do so will cause the payments to be forfeited and considered non-refundable.

• Sunshine Balloons will, however, not be able to guarantee a quality and perfect installation due to last-minute setup changes but will promise to do everything possible to ensure it is as close to perfect as physically possible.

•The Client is responsible for locating an alternate location to set up as well as ensuring access to Sunshine Balloons.

• If dangerous weather or a natural disaster occurs that causes the venue to close and prevents the event from taking place, the Client may reschedule the installation for a different date, within the next 365 days.

• Dangerous weather and natural disasters are only accepted if acknowledged by a local state/government official.

• If the Client cancels the event due to rain or other bad weather, not designated as “dangerous weather “or “natural disaster”, the Client understands that the payments will be forfeited and considered non-refundable. The payments will not be transferable.

• Sunshine Balloons agrees to be present and ready for installation even if it is raining, snowing, or displaying any other type of “irregular” weather, except for road closures.

Pricing & Fees

All pricing regarding the entire order including but not limited to; retainer fee, delivery fee, installation fee, disassembly fee, cancellation fee, etc. will be documented during the booking stage. All payments made towards these charges are non-refundable. Please make sure you have communicated the necessary details to any other vendors you may be working with before booking with Sunshine Balloons. Retainer Fee 50% of total order for installation (Case by case basis)

• Delivery 10 miles or under is free. The delivery fee starts at $30 above 10 miles. (Anything 50 miles or more, please contact us.)

• Installation Fee - 20% of total order

• Disassembly Fee - Must be paid for before the event and documented $50 flat fee to return to remove balloons.

• Cancellation Fee $100 (Avoid by providing, in writing, a request to reschedule within 7 days of the event.)

Display & Promotion

By signing the Terms & Conditions, the Client agrees that Sunshine Balloons may use the decorated display including video recordings and photographs for usage on the official BB website, including but not limited to social media networks, flyers, billboards, displays, commercials, and any other form of promotional marketing.

All designs/displays installed by Sunshine Balloons are the property of Sunshine Balloons, in return, Sunshine Balloons reserves the right to utilize any/all photographs and video recordings as deemed necessary, for promotional use. This also includes any personal photographs or video recordings taken by the Client or the Clients’ guests. Sunshine Balloons reserves the right to include the official Sunshine Balloons logo on any personal photographs or video recordings made, from a Sunshine Balloons installation. Sunshine Balloons also reserves the right to refuse to use any photographs or video recordings made by any of the following, including but not limited to, Sunshine Balloons, the Client, the Clients’ guests, photographers, videographers, venue personnel, or any other vendors.

Vendors & Event Coordinators

Sunshine Balloons is focused on making balloon decor that stands as an unforgettable piece in your event. Our focus is on providing exceptional service and installing a quality design. We strive for perfection and in return, we expect all vendors or event coordinators who are working together to create this unforgettable event, to expect nothing less than perfection as well. With that being said, all vendors and event coordinators can be referred to the Client.

• Sunshine Balloons is not responsible for assisting other vendors in tasks related to their designated field.

• Sunshine Balloons is responsible for maintaining a safe and healthy workspace, installing the balloon decor, disassembling if applicable, and cleaning up the workspace utilized by Sunshine Balloons.

• Sunshine Balloons is not responsible for poor services rendered by other vendors. It is the Client’s responsibility to settle any discrepancies with the vendors directly.

• Sunshine Balloons will not refund any payments made due to other vendors hindering or becoming detrimental to the progress and quality of the installation.

• Sunshine Balloons expects any Client working with an Event Coordinator to ensure their coordinator is abreast of the installation arrangements before the day of the event.

Independent Contractor

The Terms & Conditions are not to be misconstrued as an employment agreement in any way. Sunshine Balloons and its Creative Director, as well as the team and/or any vendors accompanying the Creative Director function solely as independent contractors. The Client understands that the Creative Director is a professional and does not need to be supervised during the installation of the balloon décor.


In the event Sunshine Balloons or the Creative Director deems the event or the installation to be unsafe, the Creative Director has the authority and obligation to refuse service of the installation until the unsafe situation is made safe again. If the Clients guests or other vendors have made the installation or location unsafe, the Client assumes full responsibility and pays any fees for travel, rentals, staff, etc. If this situation occurs, Sunshine Balloons will leave all balloons on-site for the Client and will remove themselves and all property, equipment, staff, etc. from the property immediately. If ever there is a safety issue such as this, Sunshine Balloons will exercise our right to refuse service and the Client/Client’s guests will be blacklisted. Please be advised that prices are subject to change without notice.

By signing the Terms & Conditions document and or submitting payment, I certify that I have read this document in its entirety, I fully understand and agree with this agreement. I also understand my role as a client and the role that my Creative Director will play in the installation for my event.ery